The main responsibility of an assistant engineer is to support Technical Support Supervisor with design procedures and assessment practices. Working under the strict supervision of the Technical Support Supervisor he/she will assist in the planning and execution of a range of engineering projects.

1. Demand Creation Support

a. Technical Orientation - Assists TM for conducting necessary technical training needed to improve the skills of the sales engineers such as basic estimating, comparative features and benefits of our products versus competition among others.

b. Marketing Materials - He/she is responsible in assisting the Technical Support Supervisor in the conceptualization and production of marketing materials, such as but not limited to sales kits, product manuals/brochures, samples, exhibit booths; etc.

2. Sales Conversion Support

a. Bill of Materials Production 

  • Assist for analyzing the plans acquired and produce the best cost estimate needed to create demand for the products/system being offered to the clients. 
  • Does site visits for inspection at on-going projects to generate report on the status of it. 
  • Provide technical assistance to clients, sales engineers and other employees. 

b. Bill of Materials Presentation

  • Assist for explaining the cost estimate to the Sales Engineer and or to the clients and the subsequent value for the clients if our products/system is used over other products.
  • Assist for analyzing the cost estimate discussed, comment from client, analyze value of engineering possibilities to meet client objectives and produce the best bill of materials needed to close the given transaction.
  • Assist for explaining the bill of materials to the sales engineer and or to the clients and the subsequent value for the clients if our products/system is used over other products.
  • Assists for providing the necessary data needed to undertake a credible technical product presentation to our clients.
  • Assists TM in providing the technical data, determine product disposition and various technical issues relating to a product needed to produce an accurate manual or marketing kit.
  • Responsible for the weekly technical support report.
  • Performs other related duties that may be assigned from time to time. 



  • Candidates must possess atleast a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering or Architecture
  • Open to fresh graduates and with experience
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, Word, Excel) and Autocad
  • Able to work under pressure and perform multi-task
  • Able to work long hours with minimal supervision


Interested Applicants may send their resumes to



1. Prospecting and Lead Generation Activities The Sales Engineer is responsible for consistent identification of new clients or identification of new selling opportunities for existing clients in order to successfully sustain accomplishment of sales goals.

a. Lead Classification - He/she is responsible for analyzing the profile, needs and capability of a market segment/buyer and the viability of allocating resources to pursue the lead.

b. Identifying Call Objectives - He/she is responsible for setting the objective (making a sale, survey, get an agreement for a presentation or proposal) for the first sales interview.

2. Developing a Sales StrategyThe Sales Engineer is required to have a clear understanding of the needs of his/her prospects and how the company’s products can meet those needs.

a. Need / Benefit Match - He/she is responsible for acquiring information from prospecting to develop a selling strategy. Strategy development consists of identifying a general need of the prospect (personal, professional and organizational) and matching a product benefit to that need. The need-benefit match can be used for the initial approach.

b. Company Selling Plan - He/she is responsible for considering the company’s selling plan to develop an effective selling strategy because it will give call objectives, opening benefits, additional benefits to stress and suggested closes.

3. Demand and Sales Generation ActivitiesThe Sales Engineer is responsible for converting the demand that he/she has created into sales revenue ensuring that a consistent effort is exerted to accomplish company goals.

a. Making the Approach - He/she is responsible for getting the prospects attention, obtaining the prospect’s respect and attention, probe for the benefits wanted most and arouse interest in hearing the presentation.

b. Making the Presentation - He/she is responsible for presenting the benefit of the product and analyzes and responds to the reaction of the prospect. He/she is responsible for generation quotations for approval of the client.

c. Handling Objections - He/she is responsible by providing proof to the doubting prospect that the features presented indeed provide the benefits through further demonstration, samples, additional information or by quoting authorities in the field.

d. Concluding the Sales Presentation and Closing - He/she is responsible for getting the agreement of the buyer to the proposal and getting the order.

e. Ensuring Delivery / Pick up and Collection - He/she is responsible for ensuring that the closed sales order is delivered (by providing pertinent documents to Sales Coordinator regarding delivery site) or picked up and collected at the agreed period of time.

4. Report Generation Activities The Sales Engineer is responsible for accurate and timely production of all necessary sales and marketing reports required to effectively monitor the team’s weekly performance.

a. Daily Itinerary Report - He/she is responsible for the weekly submission of his/her daily itinerary report every Saturday.

b. Weekly Sales Discipline Report - He/she is responsible for the weekly submission of the sales discipline report wherein his/her performances versus key performance indicators are reported during the weekly sales meeting. 

c. Sales Inquiry / Walk-in Report - He/she is responsible for the timely submission of all inquiries / walk-ins within a working day when he/she is in the office. He/she must accommodate the walk-in client as designated by the Sales Coordinator.

d. Aging Report - He/she is responsible for reporting his/her weekly collection forecast based on Aging.

e. Monthly Sales Forecast - He/she is responsible for analyzing and reporting his weekly/monthly sales forecast during the weekly sales meeting.

f. Market Summary Report - He/she is responsible for providing the necessary market intelligence report on the industry, clients and competitors on a monthly basis. 

5. Account Management Activities The Sales Engineer is responsible for making sure that the account that he successfully sold to will pay for the products/services rendered and continuously buy from the company.

a. Relationship Building - Ensure that a strong personal and business relationship is developed between the company and the client.

b. Post Call Analysis - He/she is responsible for regularly evaluating his performance in handling a transaction and an account.

c. Collection - He/she is responsible for monitoring client accounts and ensuring payment transactions in line with credit terms instated for his/her client. He/she is responsible for collection of payments outside of Metro Manila. He/she works with respective Accounts Receivable Associate to ensure timely payment of clients. He/she also works with Sales Coordinator regarding payment issues before delivery of Purchase Order.

d. Coordinate Customer Complaints - He/she is responsible for entertaining and documenting all customer complaints. He/she will eventually coordinate the complaint to the sales supervisor for complaint resolution.



  • Candidates must possess any 4 Years Bachelor's Degree
  • Engineering and Architectural Course are preferred
  • Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply
  • 1 - 2 Years experience in Sales, Engineering, Construction, Marketing are preferred
  • Sales planning and Negotiation skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, Word and Excel)


Interested Applicants may send their resumes to