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World Home Depot Corporation aims to fulfill the needs of the Philippine construction industry with structural and architectural products that are focused on quality and distinction.


Our business strategies allow us to endure and move with the times as we continue to play our part in advancing the Philippine housing market and local infrastructure. We believe that our first-class products and systems provide our esteemed clients a competitive advantage in the construction industry and a well-built community for future generations to benefit from.

Ceiling & Drywall System Solutions

Lighting System Solutions

Door Lock System Solutions

Flooring System Solutions

  • Fiber Cement Flooring Solution
  • Carpet Tiles
  • Vinyl Sheet
  • Vinyl Composition Tiles
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile
    Other accessories

Panel & Decorative/Cladding System Solutions

  • Decorative/Cladding Fiber Cement
  • Decoration & Insulation Integrated Panel System
  • Operable Wall Partition
  • Vinyl Composition Tiles
  • Fiber Cement Board

Construction Chemical & Adhesives Solutions

  • Jointing Compound
  • Grouts
  • Adhesives

SIMFLEX Quality Room Partition

Dorma Huppe

Dorma Huppe SIMFLEX flexible new system - Lightweight, Slender and Robust that improvised with increased flexibility and reduced weight. Outstanding design achieves 45dB in sound reduction.

Completed Projects

Ayala Mall Feliz
Armstrong Acoustic Ceiling
The Podium
Knauf Apertura Cleaneo
Bunting Farm

Let's talk about your plans!

Are you ready to build your project? Let us help.

Let's talk about your plans!

Are you ready to build your project? Let us help.