About Us

World Home Depot Corporation, originally named as Home Depot Merchandising, was established in July 17, 1989 to distribute a complete range of structural and architectural building materials. It fills in the "Quality Gap" as it imports directly from the manufacturer of quality construction materials- keeping in line with their international partners' tradition to deliver time-proven, quality construction materials.

Its Chief Executive Officer led the company successfully in the midst of the Philippine economy's struggle to recover from its worst construction recession. By investing in new products and technologies, WHDC hurdled over the construction's economic depression by offering clients a whole range of products that focused on quality and uniqueness. Such business strategy allowed the company to offer superior products and systems to its discriminating clients, thus allowing these companies to sustain their competitive advantage in the industry.
In the year 2007, is a milestone year for World Home Depot Corporation. The year where the company directly imports “Rhinoply Phenolic Board “to Xingang Group. World Home depot became the solely distributor of Rhinoply Phenolic Board in the Philippines to cater the demand for high quality concrete form work material.

Another milestone happened in the year 2008, World Home Depot partnered again with another global company, the Philips Professional Lighting System.  WHDC starts to provide design and technical assistance using professional photometric analysis operated by our lighting applications specialist.With a continuous desire for further growth and improvement, World Home Depot Corporation exists to develop and introduce new products to meet the needs of the Filipino and International market.

Today, World Home Depot Corporation stands among leading importer and distributor of a complete range of high quality flooring, Lighting, ceiling, and walling assemblies in the Philippine Construction Industry.