Technical Support

World Home Depot Corporation is more than an importer and distributor of high quality construction materials. It has programs that assist its business partners in value engineering and determination of the most cost effective solution for the ceiling, walling, and lighting needs.

World Home Depot Corporation makes the best quality materials affordable for clients’ projects and work side by side with business partners from the drawing board, to the training, implementation, and commissioning of the solution…

See below programs:

"Free Estimate (click here) should include the elevation drawings, floor plan, reflected ceiling plan, for us to give you an accurate estimate."

Ceiling and Drywall Value Engineering

WHDC Ceiling and Drywall system is a convenient, cost efficient, eco-friendly & quality solution for your drywall & ceiling needs.

A system that is composed of gypsum boards for interior walls & ceilings, fiber cement boards for the eaves and light steel frames for framing. The system only uses quality products that conform to industry standards.


These programs are handled by professional training groups, executed with sustenance programs to ensure implementation and provided with business impact analysis.

Indeed, World Home Depot Corporation is the extension of the business partner’s engineering and construction group.